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Our HUSKI vision

To cut through the complexity and offer an intelligent and scientific-based digital platform that makes clinical research, evaluation and data analysis simple and effective.


DiscoverQuick is an emergent Australian healthcare digital solution company, which offers a path-breaking platform named HUSKI. HUSKI is designed and proven to support the complete cycle of healthcare/clinical outcome research, evaluation and translation for better, safer and smarter healthcare.

HUSKI is a unified platform for clinical diversity to empower you to create and grow high quality meaningful useful big data from within, from every corner of the clinical settings and patient clusters. HUSKI is also highly adaptable to diversity and change. It empowers highly secured, world-class database and applications to be generated or adapted or built for different healthcare scenario with top quality and speed.

HUSKI uses AI powered scientific methodology to cut through the complexity and simplify the expanding data insight journey. HUSKI brings an unprecedented new dimension to the existing enterprise systems to fill the missing ingredient effectively and overcome the shortcomings in highly fragmented healthcare outcome research and evaluation.

Essentially, HUSKI powerfully enhances precision and cost effective healthcare decision making by AI engineered unification of human and machine intelligence.

Your HUSKI Powered Solution

Scientific approach

Allows you to focus on (but not limited to) such as clinical or health-economic outcome research questions and hypotheses to continuously find better care of model, while HUSKI’s AI driven scientific engine effectively creates your world-class digital solution and handles the underlying complexity around the diversity of cross-disciplinary projects, clinical networks, clinical time zones, situational data collection, and the specific levels of comparative-effective research and evaluation.

Multidisciplinary integration

Allows your solution to be powered by a multidisciplinary ensemble that brings computer science, statistics, machine learning, and knowledge management together to simplify the process. It intelligently transforms your input into high quality analysis ready output real-time, enables you to have easier, faster, and seamless process to generate clinical data insight with rigor and local relavance.

Tapping into untapped knowledge

Allows you to harness untapped knowledge with a complete (and iterative) knowledge cycle: from clinical questions, to scientific-based evaluation, to real-time decision support. HUSKI assists you with the feedback on which discovery-design works and enriches your experience in the continuous innovation journey.


Allows you to have your digital solution for just one organisational needs or for national or international collaboration with trusted security. Your solution can be accessed through traditional browsers on a PC or through all mobile devices.


Allows you to reduces traditional dependency on computer and data scientists and their related costs.

Fast Development

Shortens your digital solution development time considerably, while providing high quality, security and scalability.


Allows your solution to adapat to your daily clinical workflow, manages your evolving requirements effectively.

Data Intelligence

Empowers you with real-time data analytics and reports at point of care, while allowing you to have data exporting and importanting capabilities.

Your potential outcome

Today HUSKI has successfuly supported and collaborated with many healthcare organisations in Australia and New Zealand including affiliating with Health Department of the Australia Capital Territory, and the Australia National University. Many of the clinical digital solutions built on HUSKI platform have received quality awards, published in leading peer review journals, and demonstrated significant value to clinical service improvement.

In a single hospital, HUSKI can help saving approximately $6 million (AUD) per year while producing a 2 to 3-fold improvement in patient outcomes.

HUSKI adds value through Typical outcome
A more efficient practice 30-60% increases in efficiency
Better patient outcomes 2 to 3 fold improvements
Enhanced decision-making processes More consistent and accurate information
A reduction in IT issues 70-80% reduction in support-related resources required
$ Savings Estimated $6m (AUD) annual savings per hospital


Acadamic acknowledgement (2015): HUSKI is an "apperently extraodinary solution" that "addresses a chanllenge of global importantce".

Clinical client feedback (on new digital solution development) "I think we were all impressed with your understanding of what we require from Scorecard and how it translates into a system architecture/environment."

Clinical leader feedback (after delivering of a set of extended services to their digital solution build on HUSKI) "I've been impressed with how well your team have done with essentially no input from me, and look forward to making it bigger and better!"

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