Instantly integrating expert
processes and intelligent digital solution
into your professional practice

  • Evaluation of business processes
  • Professional improvement
  • Research (incl. randomisation engine and audit trail)
  • Surveys
  • Knowledge management
  • Client education and training
  • Role coordination across organisation(s)

Type of delivery

DQ - How it works

DQ provides a meta data design environment and a clinical digital solution environment. You can access to a stepwise design environment to process your requirements (or letting DQ team to process for you). Your innovation journey starts after clinical digital solution is generated based on your requirements being parameterised into DQ meta data environment, adapted to your daily clinical workflow, and configured with all levels of security privillage and access right of the different types of clinical society, clinical role at various clinical time zones.

DQ team will support you to operationalise your requirements in a comparatively short timeframe. The length of time could be instant or needs few weeks depending on the complexity and the amount of content you have. DQ team will also support your requirement analysis if needed.